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I tried to install the Service Locator 2 but there seemed to be some problem with find some files not being found. But I think the problem is related with the documentation file. I was only able to get the source code and Quick starts.

Do you mind publishing the documentation separately here? It will be most appreciated.



ploeh wrote Sep 17, 2007 at 7:33 PM

The documentation is in HTML Help 2 format, so will only work if you have Visual Studio installed. I've only tested installation with Visual Studio 2005, so I don't know whether it will work with Visual Studio 2008. Since there's no other official viewer for HxS files, it wouldn't help much if I uploaded the HxS file itself (and if you look at the Service Locator 2 installation folder, you will hopefully find it there as well). For that reason, I've zipped the source HTML files that was used to generate the HxS file - I hope that will help a bit. This file is now available as patch #296.

abr888 wrote Nov 20, 2007 at 5:07 AM

Hello ploeh, i just joined CodePlex recently and i don't know much of things yet. When I was trying to install the ServiceLocator2.msi package, I got the errors that says,

1) The system can't find the path specified, and
2) An exception occurred during the Rollback phase of the installation. The installation will be ignored and the rollback will continue. However, the machine might not fully revert to its initial state after the rollback is complete. --> Could not find a part of the path '<path>...\Service Locator 2 Documentation.lnk'

It was mentioned in the previous comment that there is a patch (#296) for this kind of error. It seems related or the same issue. How can i get the patch?

Thanks for any help.

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